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The IC2 is a firearm sighting device which is described as providing a dual sighting system for the shooter and an observer, allowing each person to see the targeted location at the same exact location the other is looking at.

The IC2 is a picatinny railed sight mount for the attachment of a non-magnified sighting mechanism placed in an offset position along one side of an attached scope/sighting device, designed to allow an observer an exact sighting picture the shooter is seeing.

The IC2 mount has a top portion attachment feature allowing it to utilize standard Weaver style bases found on the bottom of most scopes or sighting systems. The sight mount is mounted to a preexisting scope/sighting system with the utilization of a scope ring with a standard Weaver base attached to the scope mount at a 45 degree offset.

The IC2 mount is formed out of a solid one piece design in order to increase rigidity and recoil resistance while withstanding variances in temperature ranges.

Once the shooter has sighted in their existing scope/sighting device, a standard Weaver based scope ring is placed on the scope/sighting device at a 45 degree offset in either the left handed position for a left handed shooter or the right handed position for a right handed shooter. The IC2 piece is then placed into the Weaver based scope ring and ensured of levelness during installation. When levelness has been confirmed a red dot sighting device of some sort is placed on the IC2.

Utilizing a solid shooting rest, the shooter will place the weapon into the rest and find their targeted zero location. The red dot sighting device on the IC2 will then be adjusted to identify the exact targeted location as the scope/sighting device on the weapon has been set for.