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Why have I run out of adjustment on my red dot scope?

• A couple of things may have occurred. First, is the IC2 attached to the primary scope with a medium height scope ring? If not, go to a medium height base and see if this fixes the problem.
• Secondly, what is your distance you are trying to sight in at? We have designed the IC2 to allow for the adjustability of almost all red dot scopes at a close distance of 25 yards and at distances exceeding 200 yards.
• Also, make sure the red dot scope is attached to the top picatinny rail of the IC2 and is sitting level and inside of the grooves. It may be that one bolt of the red dot is in a groove and the other is sitting on top of a rail.
• Although we have tried and tested as many rings and scopes as we can, there may still be some that do not work, which puts the red dot and primary scope objectives too far apart.

Why can’t I see around the shooter's head?

• This is not a common occurrence with the IC2 as we have worked to ensure this will not occur. With much design and field testing time, it has been made to allow for the proper clearance.
• One common problem we have found is first time shooters do not have the proper form when shooting a weapon. They have trouble identifying their dominant eye and it can cause them to push their head too far over the gun stock and obstruct your view. You will need to coach them on the proper cheek weld on the gunstock of their weapon and this will alleviate the problem.

I can’t get a scope ring to fit on the scope I have attached to my weapon.

• The IC2 is designed to be used with any scope ring that has a Weaver base.
• We have had issues with some tactical rings as they have a large bolt which the IC2 has to straddle to be attached to the weapon. The tactical rings work on the top picatinny rail but are not able to be utilized for attaching the IC2 to the primary scope. This is due to the bottom slot of the IC2 having a tighter tolerance. This will assist in the near MOA repeatability after removal and replacement of the IC2 due to varying state laws.

I don’t have enough room on my existing scope body to install another scope ring, what can I do?

• Some rifles have an additional set of tapped holes on the rear portion of the barrel which allows for the forward or rearward movement of the scope base that the scope ring attaches to. You may need to move your base to allow for the movement of your ring which will then allow for the addition of an additional scope ring to attach the IC2 to.
• Loosen your scope rings and slightly move your scope body forward or rearward allowing for the installation of the additional scope ring.

The IC2 won’t fit the scope rings that I have, why is that?

• Make sure you are not using a tactical ring that has a bolt that is too large.
• Make sure you are using a scope ring with a standard Weaver base. The IC2 can only be used in this style of base.

I have the IC2 installed and the red dot sighted in to the same point of aim/point of impact as the primary scope, but it is not hitting what I am aiming at with the gun.

• First, did you loosen up your primary scope to make room for the addition of the IC2? If so, you will need to sight in your primary scope again.
• Secondly, if you are trying to do the adjustments on your own by looking back and forth between the primary scope and the red dot scope without an assistant holding it on the intended target, you may experience some drift in your field of view. We suggest having someone holding the gun on the target while you do the fine tuning.
• For fine tuning the weapon, place the gun in a gun rest and adjust it to your desired aiming point. Once that is accomplished adjust the red dot on the IC2 to same point of aim.

Can I get the IC2 in any other color than black?

• Absolutely. The IC2 is Cerakoted with a black finish but it can be painted in any color you wish for a small fee. If you would like to request a special color, please make contact with Sean at for pricing. We will ship your order to Sean and he will paint it the color you have worked out with him. This will not incur any extra shipping costs to you, other than the original $8.95.

Will there be a difference in the point of aim and point of impact of the primary scope and the red dot scope due to two scopes being offset?

• There is a small amount of difference. We suggest sighting in at 100 yards and the shooting the weapon at 25/50/150 and 200 and marking a chart for yourself so you can track where the shots will hit at varying distances. This will be a visual assistance for you when helping your shooter.
• When we are hunting with our first time hunters, we let them aim at their intended target and as long as the IC2 shows them in the kill zone we make no adjustments.
• Based on calculations, the IC2 will have varying points of impact at Ύ” every 25 yards. We use the general rule of thumb that you will shoot no more than 4 inches low or left of the target at 200 yards if sighted in at 100 yards.

Can the IC2 be mounted on the left side of the weapon as well?

•Absolutely, the IC2 design allows for it to be completely universal. All you will need to do is mount the scope ring at a 45 degree angle off of the left side rather than the right side.

What does your warranty cover?

Please see this document Limited Lifetime Warranty


• The addition of a scope ring may not work on some crossbow scopes.

• You can attach an additional scope ring to some red dot scopes if they are a 30mm or 1” tube. This will allow for a red dot scope to be attached to a red dot scope. This type of mounting platform is perfect for close range hunts such as turkeys.

• If you still do not have the answer to the question you have, feel free to contact us through the link on the homepage.