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What you will need:

Standard Weaver based scope ring to place on your current scope/sighting system. (We suggest the usage of a quick detach style scope ring as this assists in the removal and replacement of the IC2 once it has been installed and sighted in to match the weapons point of aim/point of impact). Side screws are also recommended but not a necessity.

A red dot scope or any 1x magnification scope with standard Weaver style bases or bases to match the top of the IC2 constructed of a picatinny rail system. (We recommend a red dot scope with a large objective)

How Does it Work?

1. Ensure weapon is unloaded.

2. Place weapon in shooting vise and mount scope ring in the front portion of the existing scope. (Note: You may have to move your existing scope a small amount forward or rearward to make room for the new scope ring)


3. Mount the scope ring so the line in the middle of the scope ring bottom lines up between the top and side scope adjustment knobs. The scope base should be offset at a 45 degree angle on either the right side (right handed shooter) or left side (left handed shooter). If on the right side the IC2 will be in the 2 o’clock position and if on the left side the IC2 will be in the 10 o’clock position.


4. Once the ring has been placed on the scope, place the small end of the IC2 in the scope ring and ensure it is level. When looking down the barrel of the weapon the IC2 will be elevated over the top of the weapon and should be level with the top scope rings. This will ensure the red dot will sit true with the weapon and better aid you in sighting in the red dot to your scope.


5. Once found to be level, lock down all of the screws on the scope ring excluding the Quick Detach screw. This can be thumb tight or a little more. This is the removal location of the IC2 and you will be utilizing this in the field if you have to constantly remove and replace the IC2 due to state regulations on the casing of your weapon.


6. Secure the red dot sighting system to top rail of the IC2.


7. Illuminate the reticle of the red dot sighting system and place the weapon in a gun vise on a shooting bench.


8. Place the crosshairs of your permanently attached sighting system on your weapon to your desired distance. (Example: 25 yards for turkey hunting) Once the desired distance is located and your weapon is secured in the gun vise, utilize your adjustment knobs to line up the IC2 exactly with the targeted location of your sighting system on your weapon. Double check for accuracy.


9. We suggest once the system has been completely sighted in and all screws have been double checked for tightness to remove the base of the IC2 from the scope ring on the rifle. Reinstall the IC2 in the scope ring and tighten. Double check for accuracy. Your sighting system and red dot sighting system attached via the IC2 will line back up at near MOA accuracy.

Suggestions: Make sure when looking through the red dot sighting system to keep an equal amount of light on all sides of the red dot (centered) when look at the desired target. A red dot is identical to a peep sight although it is a lighted reticle.

Note: Point of Aim/Point of Impact from the primary scope to secondary scope attached to the IC2 only changes 3/4” every 25 yards from their initial aiming point. If both sighted in at 100 yards, the IC2 will be off of zero by ¾” at 125 yards. This location will be offset to the low left of the target aiming point. At 150 yards, the IC2 will be low and left of the target by 1.5 inches, at 175 yards the IC2 will be low and left of the target of 2.25 inches and at 200 yards the IC2 will be low and left of the target at 3.00 inches. (It is not recommended to exceed a 200 yard shot range while utilizing the IC2 as a co-witness unless the 200 yard target is dialed in with the primary scope and the secondary scope attached to the IC2)